Hawksbeat Podcast records 200th episode

It has been eight seasons since the inception of the Hawksbeat brand and in season 4 of this journey the Hawksbeat Podcast was born. This Tuesday the Hawksbeat Podcast recorded its 200th episode and its something that we are proud of because not many podcasts make that milestone.

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The Hawksbeat on Apple Podcast.

Year one of the Podcast was very sporadic with no equipment, no schedule and we kind of just recorded when we felt like it. Looking back we were out here with a love for the airwaves but we didn’t understand much of what we were doing. Nevertheless we managed to do a whopping 13 episodes and that was the beginning of the run.

On this journey we have managed to produce our own intros and commercials, we’ve interviewed lots of interesting guests and built a nice size audience while doing it.

Last season we went to a post game format in which we recorded after each game and put out 90 episodes. The change wasn’t always easy but we had some of our biggest listener numbers that we’ve ever seen, especially in the playoffs.

It is impossible to thank everyone that has had a hand in our success and longevity in this game but there is no way we could go without mentioning a few people that deserve some some love.

My wife Nitaya is the real MVP because what isn’t seen is her holding down the household on the many nights that I am out covering the Hawks. The Hawksbeat begins and ends with her because without her there is no way this platform exist. Thank you honey.

To my media sister Jameelah Johnson who has evolved into a really dope photographer and even better friend over the years. She really helped me in the beginning stages when I didn’t know where to go or know anyone down at the arena. There are few words to explain how awesome you are, thank you J.

All my guys who let me talk my stuff on their radio shows, I appreciate all of you to the utmost. The Sports Mob with H-O and Hancock, The 3 Point Conversion with my guy Rapheal, DNA Sports talk with my brothas Don and Asa and Real Talk Sports with “The Rev” Johnathan Simmons. Letting me come on your airways to promote my platform is the embodiment of what brotherhood is and I appreciate you fellas.

There are also a hosts of others that rock with the Hawksbeat on a first name basis that have showed love to the pod over the years. Yakiri, Malik, Nia, Maceo, Glaze, DeShaun, Bria, Donnell, Rashaad, Kevin, and Nubyjas. And to the host of others I didn’t mention charge it to my head and not my heart.

I really do appreciate you all.