Atlanta Hawks Draft talk series, who will the Atlanta Hawks draft at 20? (Podcast)

It is that time again to be inundated with draft talk and for those of us that aren’t typically draft guru’s we take a few weeks out of the year and dive into draft profiles, scouting reports and scouting videos. For perspective all of our picks and opinions are for entertainment purposes only so don’t go betting your mortgage based on something the Hawksbeat said.

Fresh off a deep playoff run, the Atlanta Hawks and their fans are really excited about the upcoming season and the first leg of that journey begins with the NBA Draft. Of course here at the Hawksbeat we will also dive into free agency, salary cap and summer league but for now it’s all about the draft.

The Atlanta Hawks will be picking 20th in the first round and also have the 48th pick which will be in the second round. We should give a disclaimer that this is what they have now but Hawks’ President and General Manager Travis Schlenk has been known to make moves on draft day so we will have to wait and see.

Last year the Hawks selected Onyeka Okonwu with the 6th overall pick .. (photo credit:

We recently completed a 3 part “Atlanta Hawks Draft Talk” series in which we took a look at some draft prospects which might be around if the Hawks stay at 20.

Episode 1 we took a look at the Hawks draft needs and the history of 20th picks in the NBA. We also took a look at:

Zaire Williams, Cam Thomas, Tre Mann, Jared Butler

Listen to Episode 1 here:

Episode 2 we went in depth with 6 more draft prospects and the possibility on if they would be there at 20 and would they be a good fit with the Hawks. The prospects in this episode are:

Kai Jones, Jaden Springer, Shariffe Cooper, Bones Hyland, Josh Christopher and Chris Duarte.

Listen to Episode 2 here:

The final episode in the series saw us reveal our big board or top 5 prospects that we like for the Hawks at 20. We also threw in a few guys who we really like but are pretty sure they won’t be there at 20 just for wish sakes.

Listen to Episode 3 here:

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