Meet the latest partners of the Hawksbeat brand

The best part of establishing a brand is partnering with other people who have businesses that you believe in and support. Here at the Hawksbeat we wanted to take some time to tell about our partners. If you have checked out our Hawksbeat Podcast then you have probably heard our commercials. We invite you to take some time and support these great partners of ours. You will find their clickable banners on our website that will take you to their page so don’t leave without showing them some love.

This will not be the last time you will hear us talking about these great businesses, when you see us you will see them.

Dowdell Family Wellness, LLC.

This is our first year partnering with Dowdell Family Wellness and we are excited to partner with Dr. Rick and his team. Located just north of Atlanta in Doraville, Dr. Rick Dowdell is the official chiropractor of the Hawksbeat and because he is family to us, he is now family to you.

Dr. Rick goes beyond the scope of just treating back pain, he also treats expectant mothers, kids, those suffering from migraines and obviously neck and back pains from auto injuries.

For a limited time Dr. Rick is hooking up those that support the Hawksbeat brand with a first time consultation special. First time visitors can get a consultation, exam, digital posture pics, computerized nerve scans and an adjustment for just $37 just let them know you saw their business on our webpage or heard their ad on our podcast. Make sure to click on the Dowdell Family Wellness banner and get more information about how they can assist you with any discomfort you may be having.

Thanks Dr. Rick for partnering with the Hawksbeat and best of luck bringing family wellness to Atlanta.

Tillman’s Trinkets and Things.

This is our second season partnering with our guy Johnathan Tillman the CEO of Tillman’s Trinkets and Things. If you have checked out the podcast then you have heard our commercial for Tillman’s. Johnathan has been created personalized handcrafted jewelry for a few years now and it has been awesome watching him develop his skill set and see his creativity blossom. He has done personal bracelets for myself and all the members of my family. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the Tillman’s Trinkets Instagram page as well as his website to see the amazing work that our guy Johnathan has put together.


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This is our first year working with the good folks over at Manscaped and we are thankful for their partnership. I didn’t realize exactly how many products they have on the website for male grooming. The have the new 3.0 lawnmower trimmer which has a light and is waterproof. The weed wacker will get all those pesky nose and ear hairs that can be a problem. Manscaped also has special boxers, deodorants, sprays and a host of other products to make your male grooming experience feel amazing.

For a limited time fans of the Hawksbeat can get 20% off your entire order and free shipping by using the promo code: Hawksbeat. Click on their banner and check out some of the wonderful products they have.

Again, a special thank you to all of our partners and as the year goes on we are still looking to work with more small businesses and if you are interested in partnering with the Hawksbeat brand email us at or send us a tweet @Hawksbeat.