Hawksbeat Media Coverage for the 2020-21 Season, Covid-19 and Adjustments

I posted this as a thread on twitter but as our audience as grown over that past 6 years I wanted to post this on our website.

Ok long thread coming.. grab a seat. This season because of covid many independent outlets like @hawksbeat will have to change how we cover the Hawks. We still have access but it will be limited. I wish I could explain how bad this sucks but I respect the game and covid is real.

A lot of our content: game video, halftime clips, locker room interviews, coach pressers, post game recaps, live in game tweets .. all that will be replaced with zoom.

As a result we are going to be more creative with our content on Youtube and other media as we adjust like everyone else. Stay tuned, cause we ain’t done. While we are thankful to the Hawks for the coverage they have given us, we still wish things were different. Damn you covid!

As a independent what most people don’t get is when you don’t have a national platform (ESPN, Fox, big newspaper outlet) you work your ass off to develop your cred and build your audience from the ground up. Many of us that run these sites have 9-5’s and do the work after the 40+ hrs of work.

And the whole time I’m LOVING it. So my tone is one of gratitude and not complaint. But there is a grind to this.

So I really want to say I appreciate all the support, your retweets, your interactions, your podcast listens, your youtube views and subscriptions, your IG & FB likes. The support to outlets like mine and others are our lifeblood, they keep us going.

So to my fellow Hawks fam of independents @chicksintosport @JameelahJNBA @3ptCnvrsn @DNASportsTalk @Eldorado2452 @NiaOnAir @iamBriaJanelle @CrushSportsTalk @TatesTakeHoops @_MalikATL – keep grinding, keep creating. I got your back.