Hawksbeat Founder/CEO Edwin “E-dub” Powell Joins Real Talk Sports to Talk Hawks & NBA Finals

It is always a great honor to be a guest on other people’s media platforms because it gives validation to the content that you put out. We here at Hawksbeat have always operated our outlet with a sense of integrity and honesty and its nice to have others see value in that.

Jonathan Simmons is one of the hardest working men in Atlanta in the media field. To make it in this town without the words ESPN or Fox behind your name can be tough. Mr. Simmons is a grinder and he has covered more events in this city than anyone. Among other things Simmons is the host of Real Talk Sports, yesterday I had the privilege of being a guest on his show and talking about the Hawks and the NBA Finals.

In this segment you were here my thoughts on:

  • The Hawks making the playoffs next year.
  • Health of Clint Capela.
  • Why people should take the Miami Heat seriously.