Hawksbeat Joins the Chicks Into Sports Podcast (Video)

Recently Hawksbeat CEO, Edwin Powell joined Yakiri Thomas of Chicks Into Sports for their latest podcast recording.

Chicks into Sports was created in 2009 as a place where women could participate in the male dominated world of sports. Thomas and her crew can be found covering everything on the Atlanta Sports scene from Atlanta Hawks basketball to the Atlanta Blaze (Atlanta’s pro lacrosse team).

One thing I appreciate about the Chicks into Sports brand is that they are fearless in their coverage of Atlanta sports. They are always out getting content and letting their voices be heard.

Covid has forced us all to change how we cover sports and Thomas has remained consistent in running the weekly podcast.

We were delighted to joined this weeks podcast to talk about the Hawksbeat brand as well as other sports topics. Give it a watch and let us know your thoughts on the issues.

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Thanks again to Yakiri for the invite and the opportunity to be a guest on her podcast. Make sure you check out the Hawksbeat Podcast in the near future when we can return the favor and have her on as a guest.