The Atlanta Hawks All-Decade Team via Hawksbeat

As we are on the verge of 2020 we here at Hawksbeat figured what better time to look back on the last decade of Atlanta Hawks hoops. So we decided to put together an All-Decade team because … why not.

Let’s talk qualifications.

First things first players were evaluated on their time in a Atlanta Hawks uniform. Therefore if a guy left and put up really good numbers but not in Atlanta … doesn’t count.

Secondly players had to be on a Hawks roster from the 1999-200 season until present day.

Our list is our list but we’d love to hear what your list looks like, follow us on Twitter (@Hawksbeat) and let us know your five.

We also didn’t really follow the letter of the law in regards to traditional positioning so we just went with our top 5.

First Team:

Al Horford: Seasons in Atl: 2007-2016 (4 All-Star seasons) 14.3 ppg 8.9 rpg

Horford spent 9 seasons with the Hawks and from day 1 he was a huge part of the Hawks success. During his tenure in Atlanta he was a guy who defended, made big buckets and was a great leader. We saw the maturation in Al’s game as he went from a guy that scored around the hoop to a big man that you had to guard around the three point line. It was a tough pill to swallow when he left Atlanta for Boston but the NBA is business first and foremost. If there was a signature Horford moment it had to be “The put back” against the Wizards. I’ll never forgot the sound in Phillips Arena when he made that bucket.


Paul Millsap: Seasons in Atl: 2013-2017 ( 4 All-Star seasons) 17.4 ppg 8.3 rpg

The “Anchorman” is what Dominique Wilkins used to always call Paul Milsap and during his tenure in Atlanta he was a top 5 two-way player in the league. A great defender and scorer that could take you inside and outside Millsap was a All-Star every season he played with the Hawks.

Joe Johnson: Seasons in Atl: 2005-2012 ( 6 All-Star seasons) 20.9 ppg 5.2 apg

Joe gets a lot of flack for his enormous contact which is crazy because who doesn’t want to make as much money as they can at their job. I don’t blame Joe at all. Joe doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he came to Atlanta when nothing was going on in the city. Joe was good for about 20 points every night and he represented the Hawks in the All-Star game 6 times.

Jamal Crawford: Seasons in Atl: 2009-2011 .. 16.1 ppg 3.1 apg

Crawford is a one of our favorites and although he only spent two seasons in Atlanta he was a reliable piece averaging 16 points a game coming off the bench. Crawford was often on the floor at the end of games and it would have been great to have him stick around Atlanta for a few more seasons. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, Mr. Crossover.

Trae Young: Seasons in Atl: 2018 – Present .. 21.7 ppg 8.2 apg

Trae JC

I know he doesn’t even have two full seasons under his belt but the trajectory for Trae Young is as high as it has even been for an Atlanta Hawks point guard. Make no mistake about it, he is box office good. Young is currently putting up 29 points a game with close to 9 assist per. Young is a star in the making and even though he is on the back end of this decade he still makes the list.


Six Man: John Collins: Seasons in Atl: 2017- Present: 14.6 ppg 8.4 rpg

Last season John Collins made the jump to becoming a 20-10 guy (19.5 ppg 9.8 rpg). Along with Trae Young, Collins looks to form a dynamic duo that will take the Hawks into the next decade and hopefully with some playoff wins to go with it. Collins value was especially felt this year when he had to sit out 25 games. He’s much appreciated in this city.

Coach: Mike Buddenholzer: 213-197  .520 win percentage

Coach Bud was the engine behind the Hawks 60 win season which was arguably one of the best seasons in franchise history. Bud ball was a concept of fast pace, hard defense and not settling for a good shot when you can get a great shot.

Hawks 2nd Team:

Our second team consist of Jeff Teague, Lou Will followed by Korver, Bazemore and Carroll. If nothing else this team is stacked full of Hawks fan favorites.

Jeff Teague

Lou Williams

Kyle Krover

Kent Bazemore

DeMarre Carroll