Atlanta Hawks agree to trade Kent Bazemore for Evan Turner (report)

We at Hawksbeat haven’t received official word from the Hawks but when Woj reports something it’s usually as good as gold.

As of now there are no additional pieces in the deal as it appears to be an even swap player for player.

Bazemore is scheduled to make 19.2 for the 2019-20 season while Turner is on the hook for 18.6 mill this year. Both players signed similar contracts and have similar skill sets.

What this means for Atlanta:

Turner is reunited with Coach Pierce who he worked with in Philadelphia. There are some thoughts that Turner might play some backup point guard with his ability to handle the ball.

The Hawks aren’t saving a ton of money here, and they are getting an established veteran who can make plays in return. This move frees up playing time for younger wings like Hunter, Reddish, Huerter, and Bembry.

It also forces guys like Tre Young and John Collins to take more of a vocal leadership role with Bazemore on the move.

Bazemore will now get the opportunity to go west and contribute for a contender. In a weird way the Hawks put him in a good really good situation. It’s not like he’s going out Phoenix for a 2nd rounder.

Hawks will receive a bit of a hit from the fans because Baze was truly a fan favorite. He also was the last remaining player from that 60 win team.

Travis Schlenk has officially cleaned the house and it’s time for Hawks fans to embrace this new core of players.

It’s nothing personal it’s just business.

Kent Bazemore tribute piece coming soon.