Vince Carter: A Year of Reflection, The future of the Hawks and Playing Next Year (Video)

photo credit: Frank Gunn / Canadian Press

Vince Carter has been a national treasure to cover this season not only by his play on the court but because his post game locker room sounds are like story time at your favorite uncles house. You ask Vince a question, and he’ll take a deep breath and then he will start with a statement that begins with .. “back in 1996 …”

It was a year of many accomplishments for Vince, it seemed like every night a new record was being eclipsed. The apex of his accomplishment had to be when he scored his 25,000th point. If you missed it read about that night here from our vantage point. Link: Vince Carter 25k Magic

We here at Hawksbeat have enjoyed every story, every joke and everything that Vince has brought to this Hawks team this season. We would love for the Hawks to bring him back for one more year but this is a business and we understand you can’t always operate on emotion.

After the last game of year we waited till everyone was gone and Vince stood at his locker and gave us 12 minutes of vintage Vince Carter.

Vince take 1

  • What do you take away from a personal standpoint in year 21?
  • What growth have you seen in this team?
  • What is the next step for these guys for next season?
  • What does the off-season look like for you?

Vince Take II

So at this point we know Vince is rolling and as long as he’s comfortable talking, we’re comfortable listening and recording. In this next clip you realize how much of a team guy Vince is. He waxes poetically about how it is important for these guys to develop, being patient in the process and how proud he is of these young guys on this team.

  • His thoughts on the teams play once they were eliminated.
  • What does Atlanta look like to prospective free agents?

Part III

In the final part of the interview, Vince was asked what does he think it will look like when its time for him to hang it up. He was also asked about his college coach Dean Smith and what he think he would say if he was around to see him playing at this stage in his career.

We thank Hawks PR for letting us have this extended time with Vince because as you can see he doesn’t just speak without taking the question into consideration. In part 3, Hawks PR had to let us know that this was the last question because if they didn’t there’s no telling how much longer “Uncle Vince” would have held court.


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