Hawksbeat Podcast Ep.11 Vol.5

Ok I have to make a confession … I’m sorrrrrrryyyyyy!! …. I know it’s been way overdue since we’ve dropped a podcast and I apologize.

However we are back with some new fresh content so swing by and take a listen. As the season wraps up we discuss some things pertaining to the Hawks as it relates to the Draft, Free Agency and other important news.

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  • What are the Hawks chances of getting that #1 pick and/or top 5 pick?
  • What are three positives you can say about this Hawks team right now?
  • Hawks free agency plans .. What positions do the Hawks need to target?

All these questions were answered and more so find a link suites you and take a listen. Don’t forget go on iTunes and give us a 5 star rating, we greatly appreciate you.




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