Get Familiar with The Hawksbeat Brand

Greetings fellow Hawks fans I just realized that since the new site has been up we haven’t put together a one stop shop of how you can get in touch with all of our content.

Hawksbeat on Twitter – @Hawksbeat

Our Twitter account is valuable because we live tweet most of the Hawks games. We pride ourselves on not being blind Hawks fans and we will always give you straight and honest opinions even if its not popular. We cover about 95% of most home games and Twitter is usually where we live stream our post game press conferences with Coach Pierce.

Hawksbeat on Instagram – @Hawksbeat

Our IG is where you will get all the sites and sounds of what it looks like to cover Hawks games. Here can be found pictures, Hawks dancers video and whatever else happens at the game that we find media worthy.

Hawksbeat on Facebook

Tired of all of the political talk on Facebook? Swing over to our page as it is filled with lots of Hawks stuff. If we do a pre-game video it will more than likely be posted here.

Hawksbeat on YouTube

Here Is where the majority of our postgame recaps are housed. Locker-room interviews, halftime shows and whatever goes on that the game you can find on our YouTube page. Make sure you subscribe because we really need to get to 100 subscribers. Subscribe here!!

The Hawksbeat Podcast

We try to put out a podcast once a week but it doesn’t always work out that way. We are  on so many platforms but we really want folks to check our iTunes broadcast. We are also on TuneIn, Spotify and everywhere podcast are available.

Check out the podcast here: