Atl Hawks Week Preview 10/7

The Atlanta Hawks will be playing preseason games 3-5 this week and we will take a brief glance at the upcoming matchups. We would love to do this before each game but that is highly unlikely. The idea of doing this bi-weekly doesn’t seem as tough so we will see what works best and how we can be creative and put out as much content as possible.

10/7 – Preseason – @ Oklahoma City Thunder, 3:00pm

In this preseason matchup Trae Young returns home to Oklahoma where he played his college ball and is very beloved there. This is also the first time the Hawks will take a look at their former point guard Dennis Schroeder who is not only sporting a new uniform but a new hairstyle as well.

10/10 -Preseason – vs San Antonio Spurs, 7:30pm

The storyline of Coach Budenholzer vs Popovich is gone but we know what we can expect from this Spurs team as long as Pop is the coach. Business as usual. Not sure Pop will show much (if anything) in this matchup. Don’t be surprised if you see the Hawks take on a bunch of second teamers.

10/12- Preseason – @ Miami Heat, 8:00pm

This is the last preseason game for the Hawks so I’m sure the roster will be much more finalized and you might see Coach Pierce give some of the guys the night off so they will be ready for opening night. Also one thing to keep an eye on, could Jimmy Butler be on this Heat team by the time this game rolls around.

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